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Service Hour Requirements  

Each THSC member family that has at least one swimmer in a competitive squad is required to complete min 60 or 50 service hours per swim year (September - July) – please see details below.  NOTE: Families that have only Olympic Way swimmers do not have a team service hour commitment but are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities as it is a great way to get to know other families while supporting all of our swimmers.

Detailed service hours requirements are listed below.

  • Each returning family with swimmers in competitive squads, as well as families transferring from another USA Swimming Club or a foreign equivalent are required to volunteer min 60 hours during a swim year. A minimum of 40 hours ​must be earned during the Short Course* season (September through March) and a minimum of 20 service hours must be earned during the Long Course** season (April through July)

  • Families with first year competitive swimmers (those graduating from the Olympic Way program into a competitive squad or those joining THSC competitive program who were not previously a member of USA Swimming Club or a foreign equivalent) are required to volunteer min fifty (50) hours during the current swim year. The Short Course season allocation is min 35 hours, with the remaining 15 hours to be completed during the Long Course season.

  • Families joining THSC or graduating from Olympic Way program after November 1st of the current swim year or terminating their membership with THSC before the end of the swim year will have their service hours pro-rated. ​Team service obligation is pro-rated over a 10-month period, October through July. Any outstanding service hours obligation must be paid upon termination of the club membership.

  • A minimum of 15 service hours must be earned in swim meet operations during the swim year.

  • If THSC hosts a championship meet, each family is required to volunteer additional 10 hours during such a meet.  This is above and beyond the required hours listed above.  

  • A shortfall of service hours is calculated twice during the swim year: in April at the end of the Short Course season and in August at the end of the Long Course season.  A charge of $25 per hour short is assessed and billed for any shortfall for each season separately.

  • Team service hours can be earned at home swim meets and other team events, or by performing tasks or functions for the club.  You can also earn service hours at away swim meets if you work as a lane timer or an official.  Members should sign up for specific volunteer jobs at home meets on the team website.  Volunteer opportunities that earn service hours are described here.

  • One service hour is earned for one hour of volunteer work completed.  In addition, for every $25 of food donated to Hospitality, a family will earn one service hour.  This must be arranged in advance with the Hospitality chairperson.        

*Short course = a 25-yard (SCY) or 25-meter (SCM) pool.  During Short Course season, most of the meets are swam in short course pools.

**Long course = a 50-meter (LCM) pool.  During Long Course season, most of the meets are swam in long course pools.


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How to Report Your Service Hours  

With the exception of the members of the THSC Board of Directors, all THSC families are required to track their service hours and to report them to the THSC Service Hours coordinator within 30 days of earning them.  It is not enough to sign up for a volunteer job on the THSC website or check off your name on the volunteer sign-in sheet during the meet.  Your service hours only get credited once they are reported and recorded. Service hours earned (at a swim meet, a team event, or any other authorized task performed for the club) should be reported by sending an email to the Service Hours coordinator, Anita Aslett, at  Please use the following format to report your service hours:

  • Name on the Account:

  • Swimmer Name: 

  • Swimmer Squad:  

  • Meet or Event Name:

  • Service hours completed:

Please specify job(s) performed and the number of hours volunteered at each job.


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How To Check Your Service Hour Balance

Service Hours obligation in each member family’s Service Hours account is set separately for the Short Course season and the Long Course season.  Completed and reported service hours are also recorded separately for each season.  To check your Service Hours account (your obligation for the current season, hours worked, and the remaining balance for the current season), please log on to the website with your username and password, Click on My Account, select $My Invoice / Payments, then click on Service Hours tab.  In order to view your service hours balance, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page, move the bar to the right and scroll back to the top of the page.                                                                                   

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